Best Bra For Plus Size- Buyer’s Guide

Women are diverse human beings who come in a variety of forms, sizes, colors, and cultural origins. Women’s innerwear should incorporate this adaptability and be designed to suit all shapes and sizes of women’s bodies while being comfortable on them.

Often, companies forget that the main goal of making innerwear is to provide optimum comfort for women of all sizes. They frequently create innerwear for the sole purpose of looking seductive, with no regard for other size women. Despite that, they also make the most uncomfortable bra there is. 

Women of larger sizes frequently struggle to locate innerwear that suits their bodies in all areas. As a result, numerous firms are now developing innovative innerwear designs that provide optimal support and comfort to plus-size ladies. 

Many bra companies specialise entirely in innerwear for plus-size ladies. They create various styles and fabrics to provide these women with the ideal lifting, supportive, and comfy bra for women. They offer wire-free breathable and stretchy fabrics that work best for plus-size women.

Among the several companies that provide Bra For Plus Size Women, we’ve compiled a list of the Best Bra For Plus Size women that promise to provide a fair level of coverage, support, and comfort.

Bra For Plus Size Women- Top Picks

The glamorise women’s full figure plus size bra is a great bra for all of your chesty besties. The bra includes a padded band that lifts sagging boobs and provides form and support all day. Starting a plus-size feminine coverage and comfort shirts collection. When it comes to bras, starting a plus size girlie coverage and comfort tops the list, as covering and support to women with larger busts.

Unlike other bras that pull on your shoulders, the glamorise magic lift bra reduces any shoulder discomfort by easing pressure on your shoulder straps. The primary feature of this bra is that it has hook and eye three-column and row hooks to provide you the best fit for your bust size.


  • The company has over 100 years of experience making bras for plus-size ladies.
  • Maximum assistance and coverage.
  • Shoulder straps are wide and padded.
  • The crisscross pattern holds the bust in place.
  • Lifting bra with no wires.


  • The lace front is prone to tearing.
  • Gives the breast an odd contour.
  • Splits the bust along the center.

Our Opinion

The Glamorise ladies magic lift plus size bra is a superb bra that provides optimum coverage and comfort to those with huge chests. However, it does not flatter the boobs and instead looks like a grandma’s bra, with your boobs appearing flat and splitting towards the sides rather than tucked in the center.

On a frequent basis, the fragile lace fabric is also prone to tearing. The Just My Size Wireless Bra comes in second place for the finest bra for plus-size ladies. It is a good bra designed specifically for plus-size ladies who struggle to find their optimal bra size. This bra is available in a set of two for less than $50.

It’s comprised of nylon and spandex, which provides maximum elasticity for the boobies and has a silky smooth animal print satin finish. Thinner straps are a nightmare for holding up huge breasts, which is why the Just my Size wireless bra has broad bands with adjustable straps to provide optimal support to plus-size ladies. This bra, like the one above, has rows of hooks to keep the busts in place.


  • Offers Coverage and comfort to the max.
  • It’s made of a silky soft stretchy fabric.
  • There is no underwire.
  • Straps with an adjustable broadband


  • spilling of boobs on the side
  • The top seams are poorly constructed and prone to ripping.
  • The hook band has a habit of rolling up behind the back.

Our Opinion

Though the bra is labelled “Just My Size,” it does not fit the huge breast properly and is too small. The wide strap bands with adjustable straps provide a fair level of comfort to the shoulders and provide enough support to the breasts. The satin materials lay gently on top of the breasts.

The Full Figure Magic Lift Plus Wirefree Sports Bra is another Glamorise bra. The bra is composed of breathable fabric that wicks moisture away from the skin and keeps the breasts cool while keeping them in place. It has a padded band that, like any plus-size bra, supports, lifts, and comforts the shoulders while shaping the boobs without being too tight.

The bra has seamless cups that provide a sleek silhouette on top of any clothing. Its three hook straps at the rear provide adjustable support based on your demands. Because it is a sports bra, it also provides bounce control, making it ideal for both low and high-impact workouts.


  • Moisture management
  • Control of bouncing
  • Cups are smooth and seamless.
  • Backstraps that are adjustable.
  • There are no Boob spills.
  • Tucks the breasts and creates a push-up look.


  • The fabric is not soft and smooth on the skin.
  • Rashes may occur as a result of a lack of moisture.
  • Make impressions on the skin where the strap and bottom band rest.

Our Opinion

The Glamorise seamless sports bra offers your boobs the lift they require. The fabric is seamless and silky. The seamless smooth fabric provides a flawless look on top of whatever garment you wear. However, it is not as smooth and seamless on your skin. As it fits closely against your skin, it creates markings or imprints on the straps and bands.

The Olga no side effects contour underwire bra is a great plus-size bra that provides more coverage for the underarm bulge. Boobies that flow over the armpit are a typical issue for women with larger busts. This bra’s Extra side coverage panels provide a sleek underarm bulge, while the elastic-free sides and back provide a substantial coverage for your huge breasts.

The bra also provides a seamless look of the bra on top of the clothes. Unlike other wire-free support bras for plus-size ladies, this bra features flexible underwire cups that offer full coverage support to the girl besties.


  • Support that is continuous.
  • Covers spill on the side.
  • Side and front coverage is maximized.
  • Straps are adjustable.


  • Sizing Issues
  • Wirefree

Our Opinion

Among all the bras we’ve seen, the Olga women’s no side effects underwire contour bra is a favorite among many plus-size ladies. Because side spilling and underarm bulging is a nightmare for ladies with big breasts, the Olga bra is a wonderful answer to their leakage issues. 

Its silky fabric,  flexible underwire support, triple-layer hooks, and adjustable cushion straps make it a healthy bra that every woman of size would want to wear.

Another Just My Size plus size bra is the pure comfort bra, which is designed for ladies with larger busts. Unlike other bra hooks that may be tight on the skin and difficult to hook in all of the hooks, this bra is a slip-on elastic bra with no hooks. 

It is comprised of nylon and spandex and provides a smooth, seamless, and full coverage bra experience for all of your chesty besties. It contains knit-in support that molds the breasts and stretchy material that tucks in your boobs without bulging. 


  • Maximum best assistance
  • Fabric that is seamless and stretchy
  • 360-degree elongation
  • Comfortable


  • Sizing Issues
  • The shoulder straps are rolled up.

Our Opinion

If you don’t like straps, hooks, or underwire bras, the Just My Size pullover bra is for you. The fabric is expanding and stretchable, providing a 360-degree complete covering of your busts with absolutely no leakage.

Although there are no negatives to the bra, consumers report that it is difficult to locate the correct size for their busts and that the shoulder straps roll up, making it unpleasant for some people.

Champion, a well-known and well-recognized company known for its high-quality clothes, provides a collection of athletic bras for women of all sizes, including plus-size ladies. It has a vented plus size Compression. It’s a plus-size vented Compression sports bra is great for daily gym exercises, walking, jogging, and field sports.

Customers can pick between two levels of help: moderate support and maximal support. It is made with moisture-wicking technology, which wicks moisture away from the bra and keeps it cool and dry. As a result, it lessens the possibility of irritating your skin. It has wide, padded straps and a u-back shape to provide the girlies with the most support and comfort while wearing them.


  • Moisture-wicking technology Overall suitability
  • Keeps the boobs in place.
  • Support ranging from moderate to strong


  • Breathable Fabric
  • Sizing Issues as a result of side bulging

Our Opinion

The champion plus size vented compression sports bra has everything a plus size bra should have and is even liked by the majority of women. Though it has certain limitations, the benefits outweigh the negatives. It’s an excellent everyday sports bra, but it’s not a good everyday casual bra. Wear or use this bra only on days when you need more support because it isn’t as breathable as other casual wear bras.

They say that the third time is a charm, and this is the third time we’ve come across Just My Size Plus Size Bra. In comparison to previous bras from the same manufacturer, this bra is a fresh addition to the strapless and seamless bra collection.

It has a seamless knit-in support liner that appropriately molds the busts and maintains them in place all day. It is a 4-way seamless stretchy fabric that provides a significant level of wearability. The updated version of the bra has lace trim on the front and a hook and eye back clasp.


  • Wire-free band
  • Back close-up
  • Knitted in support
  • Sizing according to shape
  • Excellent Assistance


  • Sizing problems
  • There is no strong backing.
  • For plus-size ladies, small band size is recommended.

Our Opinion

The simply my size women’s pure comfort lace plus size bra provides enough support, and its knit support keeps the boobs in place while the wire-free band is gentle on the skin. Despite the fact that the bra is designed for plus-size women, the band size is very tiny and frequently rolls up the body, making it unpleasant on the skin.

The Glamories ladies plus size front closure bra is a one-of-a-kind plus size bra that provides more support and comfort to all of your chesty besties. Though it is not wire-free, the bra features an additional layer of cushioned padding to keep the wire from poking the skin.

With this bra, side bust and spilling are not an issue since it has lace-topped cups that prevent side-bust and form the bust as a whole. All glamorise women’s bras provide optimum support to all plus-size women, and this bra, in particular, is a front closure style of bra that is easy to put on and off in a hurry. It has wide cushion straps that are customizable to match your needs. The bra’s lace covering is both airy and lovely.


  • Technology for wicking away moisture.
  • The front closure is secure.
  • Side busts should be covered.
  • Breathable, adaptable, and comfy.
  • Underwire is well padded.
  • Excellent assistance.
  • Very well made.


  • The cushion does not keep the wire from piercing the skin.
  • The size is not accurate.

Our Opinion

Many big bosom women love the glamorise women’s plus size front closure bra. The bra secures, uplifts, covers most of the boobs, and has no side spilling issues. Though the underwire offers adequate support for the boobs, it frequently presses deeply into the underboob, leaving wire imprints.

It not only does not leave an imprint on the skin, but it also feels unpleasant. Some customers even found the sizing chart to be confusing and difficult to use when determining the correct size.

For nearly a century, the brand glamorise has been producing bras for curvaceous and plus-size ladies. As a result, another popular item among plus-size ladies is the full figure plus size total comfort wire-free cotton T-back bra.

Because this bra is constructed of the most breathable cotton fabric, it also has built-in cotton stretch cups that provide the perfect amount of support to the breasts. Because it is a T-back bra, it is the ideal casual lounging bra for plus-size ladies.

Its size adjusting capacity accommodates different women’s breast sizes, while the t-back prevents the straps from sliding. It even includes adjustable front closure hooks, making it simple to put on and take off the bra.


  • The cotton fabric of a lightweight
  • Stretchy cups that are comfortable
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Self-adjustment
  • Straps that are adjustable
  • Wirefree


  • Inadequate support
  • Concerns about size
  • The T-back strap may be uncomfortably tight.

Our Opinion

With over 100 years of experience, Glamorise is unquestionably well-versed. Similarly, it has designed this bra for plus-size ladies. Based on consumer feedback, this T-back bra delivers on its promises. However, the t-back bra does not provide much support to the huge best, which is a major worry for plus-size ladies. Some ladies have also had difficulty locating their exact size.

Buying Guide for Plus-Size Bras

Getting a good-fitting bra for your breasts is a difficult process for most women, as we frequently wind up wearing the wrong size bra, which causes discomfort throughout the day. When it comes to plus-size bras, the difficulty is multiplied because there aren’t many plus-size bras that cater to diverse plus-size ladies. As a result, we’ve put up a shopping guide for plus-size bras.

1. Breast Measurement

When it comes to plus size or ladies with larger busts, finding a decent quality and fitting bra for your breast size is critical. Although there are several methods for measuring your busts, there is a simple method for measuring your breasts at home.

Get yourself a measuring tape and take two measures. First, determine the size of your breast band by measuring it beneath the boob and all the way around your back. The second step is to determine your cup size. This is the crucial stage that many women overlook.

Measure around your back and over your nipples with the measuring tape. Take note of these two measurements and divide your band size by your cup size. The difference between these two numbers is the number of letter cups. That is how your breasts are measured.

2. Select Your Band Wisely

The next critical step would be to select the appropriate band for your physique. The majority of women discover that their bra band fits tighter around their underbust. This might be due to selecting the incorrect size band. The band size is critical since it is the only thing that supports your boobs.

Despite the fact that this is vital to know, many people do not know how to measure their band size. Here’s a quick technique to see if the band fits your underbust:

  • Slide a finger between the bra band and your skin while wearing your bra. If the band is too tight, it’s not your size, and if there’s a space between the bottom of the cup, it’s too loose, and your bra will ride up.

3. Gore Thigh And Firm Center

The little region between the breast cups and the skin is known as a center gore. It is where the bra should be tight in order to retain the breasts together in every bra. It is critical to protect your breasts from slipping out the front of your bottom.

If there is a gap between the center gores of your bra, it will most likely fit loosely and will not provide you with the essential support.

4. Choosing the Proper Cup Size

Even after you’ve measured your cup size, certain bra manufacturers may offer several bra sizes that fluctuate with your cup size, and your cup size may fit you lose or tight. As a result, a proper cup size should seem full and smooth on your boobs, but if it is a little too large, you may notice empty pockets or gapping around the cup.

Similarly, if the cup is too tiny, leakage will occur beneath your arms or over the top. In such a scenario, you might increase the size of your cup correspondingly.

5. Straps That Are Comfortable And Adjustable

Thin straps are tough to wear as a plus-size woman because they dig into the flesh. It is recommended that you opt for a bra with adjustable straps so that you can customize the fit of your bra.

When you remove a bra strap, it should lie gently on your shoulders without digging, pinching, or leaving any marks. It is recommended for a plus-size woman to choose wish padded straps that are soft on the skin and do not fall off the shoulders.


Plus size women often find it difficult to find a bra that correctly fits their size. Similarly, not all bras made for plus-size women would likely fit you perfectly like it would on others. You should try experimenting on different brands until you find the bra that fits you perfectly on all sides, giving you the perfect support, lift, and comfort while wearing them all day.

To summarise, each of the above-mentioned bras has its own set of advantages and disadvantages, but they all appear to perform for the majority of plus-size women in terms of providing maximum support while lifting and feeling comfortable on the skin.

We trust that the Best Bra For Plus Size Women post above has exposed you to several nice bras for plus-size women. Remember you deserve the Best!!.

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