Best Support Bra For Full Figured- Buyer’s Review

Scouting for some bra alternatives to provide you comfort? This article contains the best support bra for full figured women with best design and quality.

Bras have recently been a trendy issue as new businesses introduce new styles and kinds of bras for ladies of all sizes. To be honest, not all women have perky little breasts, as certain bra makers advertise. Women are so versatile and they come in different shapes and sizes, with small to bigger breasts.

All of these ladies are entitled to a nice bra that supports, fits, holds, and covers their boobs. Bras have also undergone a fashion transformation, transitioning from subdued, dull black and white bras to colorful, patterned, designer bras.

There are several bra manufacturers that provide high-quality bras for ladies of all ages at a reasonable price while maintaining the ideal degree of comfort. Support comes after comfort in terms of importance.

Because many women are always on the go these days, they want a bra that will retain their boobs all day and support them without requiring adjustment. As a result, in this post, we will look at some of the Best Support Bras For Full Figured Women that are both economical and of high quality.

The wings love full coverage non-padded bra marks the first place for the greatest support bra for big-figured women. It is a wire-free, non-padded bra that provides optimum coverage while keeping your girl besties secure and comfy.

The wings love bra is constructed of a soft lightweight breathable fabric that is kind on the skin and reduces the likelihood of skin irritation or illness. It is not suggested, however, to wear this bra underneath see-through or tight clothing. Overall, it’s a comfortable everyday bra that covers most of your chest region and highlights your natural curves.

It is wire-free and has no padding, so it is soft on your breasts and provides adequate skin comfort. The bra’s Wide Adjustable Straps keep it from digging into your flesh and leaving an imprint. Instead, it eliminates shoulder tension and keeps you comfortable throughout the day.


  • Fabric is lightweight and breathable.
  • Wide straps that are adjustable.
  • There are no wires or pads.
  • Secure and comfortable.


  • There are no disadvantages.

Our Opinion

The wings love women’s bra, as the name indicates, provides maximum coverage to the breast while preventing side spilling. It keeps the boobs in place while being gentle on the skin. Its wire-free and pad-free design decrease the likelihood of skin infection and discomfort.

Taking second place for the best support bra for full-figured women is the Playtex 18 hour comfort bra. It is made up of a soft internal lining and a 4-way support system that gives optimum support from all sides while preventing leakage.

It has cushion straps that are adjustable and do not slide down or put pressure on your shoulders. Unlike other brands, this bra does not have irritating tags. The broader boob cups keep the breasts in place and provide excellent support, especially for ladies with larger busts.

Unlike other full-coverage bras, the Playtex bra is not meant to roll behind the back. It is available in a variety of designs and colors and has been named “The Number One Best Selling Plus-Size Bra on Amazon” by Oprah Daily.


  • Four-way support system.
  • Complete coverage.
  • There was no spilling.
  • All-day convenience.
  • The bra band does not fold up.


  • It stinks.
  • Tuggs on your sleeves
  • Uncomfortable
  • Problems with fit

Our Opinion

The Playtex full coverage 18-hour comfort bra provides optimum support and coverage for your breasts while keeping them comfortable throughout the day. If you’re looking for a full-figured support bra, this is a fantastic option to consider.

Next in line for the best support bra for full-figured women is the illumination zoned-in bra by vanity fair company. It is one of the finest support bras with maximum coverage. Unlike other support bras, this one includes an additional support sling that molds the boobs in all the correct areas.

Its antislip broad bra straps provide adequate support for the breasts and ensure that they remain in place throughout the day. The bra is comprised of a satin fabric that lines the inside of the bra, making it comfortable on the skin and preventing discomfort or infection.


  • Fabric that is soft and breathable
  • Additional sling support
  • Comfort bra for everyday use
  • Bra straps with anti-slip properties


  • Less fuller
  • Cups with Points

Our Opinion

The vanity fair full figure support bra includes a peek of support and shaping for your boobs, giving them a natural round and curvaceous appearance. It even has a satin lining that is gentle on the skin and does not irritate it. Overall, the vanity fair bra provides the necessary coverage and should be tried out for yourself.

The Bali women double support bra blends basic elegance with substantial support in a single bra. It is one of the finest bras for ladies with full figures of all sizes. Its twin-layer cups provide optimum support while keeping your girls pleasantly tucked in and secure.

The Bali women’s double support bra, unlike other bra manufacturers, does not have a name tag. This support bra is constructed of polyester fabric that is machine washable, and it is available in a variety of designs and colors.

This bra is available in two styles: one with a solid color and lace front and another with stylish hues. It is one of the best-selling bras in the Bali line and a cult favorite among ladies who like wire-free bras.


  • Bra with no wires and spa cushion support.
  • Support and coverage are doubled.
  • Women’s best-selling bra


  • Straps are short.
  • During the day, it stretches.

Our Opinion

One of the greatest support bras on the market is the Bali women’s double support spa cushioned bra. With its double-layered cups that hold even the heaviest boobs in place, it’s precisely intended to give optimum support. However, it is constructed of polyester fabric, which is a non-stretch fabric that is prone to tearing over time.

The hidden forms and support balconette full figure bra is another kind of bra from the company Playtex. It is the most comfortable bra you could wear since it is made of cotton-lined fabric and has adjustable comfort straps that are nice on the shoulders.

It is built with a four-way real support technology that provides taller back support and higher side supports. It has a four-way real support technology that provides taller back support, higher side supports, fuller cup support, and concealed underwire for push-up support.

All four support systems provide your breasts with the most support that a bra can provide. It is made composed of foam cups that lay flat on the skin and on top of garments to create a seamless look. Playtex’s balconette support bra has a variable size option to properly fit your breast needs.


  • Back closure with a hook
  • True four-way support system
  • Adjustable straps and a soft cotton lining
  • Sizing is adjustable.


  • There are no drawbacks.

Our Opinion

The Playtex Secret Shapes and Support Balconette Bra is the ideal bra, providing the most wholesome support a bra can provide. It is comprised of smooth foam cups that produce a seamless look of the top of your garments and also allows unique fitting to make a bra that fits you like no other.

The Passion for comfort minimizer underwire bra is another bra by Bali women. This bra is constructed of a nylon and spandex fabric blend that is both pleasing on the skin and flexible. This bra, however, should not be cleaned in a machine and should be washed by hand only.

The benefit of this bra is that it reduces the appearance of your books and allows you to fit into garments more comfortably than previously. Though it is not wire-free, the underwires are concealed to provide a comfortable fit.

This bra’s straps are adjustable, soft on your shoulders, and do not fall off. The cups that support your breasts are exceptionally smooth, and the strap has delicate lace detailing.

The lightweight bra boasts 360-degree stretch and is flat seamed for a seamless look beneath garments. It also has specific support zones for the back, as well as two suction cups that can be inserted or removed depending on your shaping needs.

The bra is made to wick sweat and keep you cool and comfortable all day. Apart from the underwire, this bra does not have any additional hardware in the bra, providing you with the maximum degree of comfort.


  • Additional assistance
  • Seamless appearance
  • Comfortable
  • Capabilities for moisture wicking
  • Fabric that stretches
  • Shape reducer


  • The underwire digs into the flesh.
  • Uncomfortable
  • The strap length is short.

Our Opinion

The Bali women’s love for a comfort minimizer underwire bra is undoubtedly a high-quality bra that provides maximum support to your chesty besties while keeping them cosy and tucked in all day. The bra wicks away moisture, lowering the likelihood of developing a rash or other skin allergies.

Vanity Fair has released their full-figure beauty back smoothing bra, which is made of a four-way stretch fabric that conceals and supports even larger busts. The silky nylon fabric helps to the bra’s smoothing effect, while the spandex material gives elasticity.

It has lightly lined cups that contour your boobs and provide a smooth and seamless look beneath clothing. The vanity fair beauty back smoothing bra features a wire-free structure that provides separation and support to the breasts.

While the cups and 4 way stretch fabric provide the necessary support, the broad cushioned adjustable straps are put together in the back to guarantee they do not fall off.  Apart from this, it also offers a seamlessly smooth surface without the appearance of any boob spillage or underarm bulging. It provides total coverage and support to your bossoms. 


  • Four-way assistance
  • Wirefree
  • Maximum coverage while being comfortable
  • Underclothes have a seamless look.
  • Straps that adjust and stay in place


  • Strange cone form
  • Uncomfortable fit

Our Opinion

Another wonderful choice to try is the vanity fairs, beauty back smoothing bra, which provides fantastic support, covering, and is gentle on the skin. Furthermore, it molds your boobs to their natural curve without irritating the skin.

Glamorise’s full figure magic lift cotton Wirefree support bar comes in second place for best support bra. This bra has magic lift technology, which elevates the breasts with built-in cushioned band lifts that support, lift, and shape the buts without the use of an underwire.

It is composed of soft cotton that is pleasant on the skin and provides cooling comfort to the breasts. Unlike other thin strap bras, it has wide cushion straps that rest gently on your shoulders and keep you comfortable all day.

It includes a Hook-and-eye back clasp with 3 columns and 3 rows to adjust for size, much like other bras. Two curved soft cups that give adequate breast coverage while being comfortable and breathable to the skin.  Because it is a wire-free bra, the inner bust band handles all of the heavy breast liftings and keeps the boobs from drooping.


  • Cotton fabric that is really soft
  • Magic lift technology helps to lift sagging boobs.
  • Contour cups hold the breasts in place
  • Support, covering, and comfort to the max


  • Not suitable for persons who are short.
  • It gives your boobs a pointed appearance.
  • Itching is caused by

Our Opinion

Glamorise’s magic lift cotton Wirefree support bra is an amazing support bra that lifts, grips, and covers the whole bosom while being comfortable to wear all day. Therefore it is one of the best options to look out for while buying a support bra.

The vanity fair bra line also has a zoned in support bra, that provides adequate support to full-figured boobs. It has foam-lined underwire cups that retain the boobs while being seamless on top of clothing. These cups not only support but also contour the boobs in all the correct areas.

When it comes to shape, this bra has an extra support layer of inner sling intended to provide you with the most shaping benefits for your boobs. The zoned-in support underwire bra from vanity fair gives you the ultimate support and comfort for your busts all day.

The wide wings at the rear provide your skin with a flat surface with no side bulges. It also has comfortable front straps and adjustable rear straps that do not put undue strain on your shoulders.

The super-soft line is pleasant on the skin, and the padded cups curve and cover the boobs. Despite the fact that it is underwired, it is securely covered and cushioned to provide the most pleasant experience while wearing it as the underwire elevates your boobs.


  • Hook closure with custom size
  • Cushion cushioning that is soft
  • Additional sling support
  • Front straps that are both comfortable and adjustable
  • Maximum comfort and support


  • It is not wire-free.
  • Concerns about size

Our Opinion

Another fantastic option for the finest support bra for large-sized breasts is the vanity fair illumination zoned in support bra. It provides full coverage in the front and back, with no side or underarm bulges. It raises, supports, and keeps your busts comfortable throughout the day.

Buying Guide For A Full Figured Support Bra

There are several designs, models, styles, and categories of bras available on the market, and selecting one that fits you well and is comfortable to wear is not a simple chore. There are many ways by which one can find the correct bra for your size. 

Not every bra that fits you will be comfortable on you. One has to do a lot of personal research before buying a bra. They have to take into account all the necessary factors one should be aware of before buying a support bra for oneself. That is why we have compiled a list of the fundamentals you should be aware of before purchasing a bra on your own.

1. Make Sure Your Size is Correct

Before you go out and buy a bra for yourself, you need first to get your sizing correct. Depending on your size, you may choose from a variety of bra fits and select one that you believe is comfortable and appropriate for you.

Wearing a bra that is the right size for you and your boobs improves the look of your boobs as well as your mood while wearing it. Nobody wants to wear an uncomfortable bra that pokes their skin and bulges up in all the wrong places. This might happen to you if you are unclear of your size or choose the incorrect fit for your size.

Many women who buy bras wind up with either a bra that is far too tiny for them or a bra that is far too large for them. However, your objective is not to fall into this group and obtain a bra that fits you perfectly.

2. The Material Of The Bra Is Important

Although there are many bras that make you appear sexier, they are not composed of skin-friendly materials. Because bras come into direct touch with your bosom, which is highly significant for women, you should be aware of the materials that are excellent for your skin and boobs.

You don’t want to change the texture of your breast skin only to appear sexier. Women can seem gorgeous in whichever outfit they put on. So, look for soft, silky, and breathable materials that are pleasant on the skin while still complimenting your form.

Choose a structured bra that will keep your breast tissue in place. Look for bra fabrics that are made of cotton or microfiber materials that are kind on the skin and contour the breasts. Any material that is gentle on the skin and doesn’t irritate the skin is the right type of material that you have look out for while buying a support bra for yourself.

3. Adjustable Straps And A Comfy Cushion

Straps on a support bra are essential for supporting the boobs in place without placing strain on your shoulders. The more slim thin straps appear, the deeper they bite into your flesh and create red impressions of the strap.

If you want a support bra that does not tug on your shoulder, search for bras with cushion straps that lie gently on the skin and can be adjusted to suit. A wider strap which is also comfortable is a much better option if you want to support a bigger bust.

4. Fun Colour Options

Who said bras had to be dull? Neutrals and muted bras are nice, but they aren’t as exciting as colorful color bras with varied motifs and patterns. All of the bras that are brought to the market come in a variety of colorful colors, lace detailing, designs, prints, and more.

It’s perfectly good to continue with your neutral bra colors, but it doesn’t harm to experiment with some bright ones as well. Therefore, apart from getting a comfortable supportive bra for yourself, you can also have fun with your colorful bra.

Final Thoughts

Bras are an essential part of every woman’s everyday life across the world. They must not only look amazing but also feel wonderful when wearing them. Despite the fact that there are several bra styles to pick from, ladies can continue to experiment with different bra sizes and have more pleasure doing so.

All of the bras described above are not just casual bras, but they also have a fun element to them. This concludes our discussion of the Best Support Bra For Full Figured Women. Have fun playing around with bras!

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