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About Us


Since 2006 NVEY ECO has been at the forefront of Organic Makeup - developing and perfecting methods and techniques that have evolved into a Pure Organic Concept that takes "green" cosmetics to the next level of perfection.

NVEY ECO explodes the myth that going green reduces the performance and application of hair care, make-up and skin care with the development of unique production methods that retain the organic & natural profile, while delivering the high performance, substance and powerful products that NVEY ECO is known for internationally.

The high performance characteristics are achieved without the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals, SLS, or synthetic fragrances. NVEY ECO is not tested on animals.

Manufactured in Melbourne, Australia by NVEY ECO using a large range of natural organic ingredients that provide a great experience for you and the environment.


"What interested me in creating NVEY ECO was the challenge to develop and bring to the world hair care, makeup and skin care products that could bring to life the values and styles that I had longed for during my decades in the beauty industry, combined with organic and natural formulas that would nurture and care for my client's skin." Rohan Widdison's bold and insightful approach led to the launch in 2006 of NVEY ECO Makeup. With NVEY ECO Rohan has explored and brought to light the connection and intimacy we have with fashion and nature, uncovering the signature style and techniques of NVEY ECO's is now known for, that forms the style and direction of the brand. Rohan's transformational approach and collaboration with artists, stylists and professionals has challenged the concept of what we believe cosmetics and hair care should be, creating a new category for organic-natural products that are as powerful as they are gentle and green.

We were even the first to coin the phrase "Green is the New Black," when we launched in 2006, signalling our simple and focused message of being a brand with an understanding of fashion, artistry and nature. NVEY ECO has been dedicated to organics since the day we launched, and have received awards year after year for producing high performance products, and applauded by editors for challenging and redefining the traditions of the industry.

NVEY ECO's wide eyed innocence and lustrous textures have come of age, allowing you to create and define your look and style, and embrace our style and philosophy every day.

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