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Our EcoSystem

Instyle Magazine June 2017

NVEY ECO professional hair care systems prioritises the environment, quality haircare and the hair professional – a valuable addition to our thriving Australian haircare ecosphere.

The Australian haircare industry is its own eco-system, constantly adapting and evolving to meet the needs of consumers and hairdressers – and Hair Expo is generally the place where these new innovations are brought to the forefront. This year, NVEY ECO will be launching into the Australian market at that very event, introducing substantive, powerful products that prioritise the environment and empower salons.

The brand was an early adopter of organic cosmetics in 2006 and has since seamlessly merged fashion and nature, creating a haircare system based on natural, certified organic ingredients, with prescriptive treatments, deep cleansing formulas and gentle styling products all within the diverse hair range. All of these natural products are manufactured in Australia, with a modern approach to science that guarantees superior results.

As an exclusively professional brand, NVEY ECO prioritises the salon, partnering with salon businesses, rather than just supplying to them, and empowering their approach to education, creative hairdressing and operating in an environmentally conscious manner. The brand offers technical acumen, education and organic research to advance their salons, ensuring salons have a deep understanding of the products and are armed with the knowledge and tools to cater to their clients’ needs.

NVEY ECO also passionately believes in transparency between salons and the brand, displaying the percentage of Certified Organic (up to 91 per cent) and Natural Origin ingredients (up to 99 per cent) per product, and whether the product is Vegan Friendly. The brand’s many styling products display their Advanced Polymer symbol, showcasing their use of the latest advances in co-polymer technology that contains a partial natural content and a more sustainable polymer. Their ethical approach to haircare ensures no product is tested on animals, and the range is paraben, silicon, SLS and fragrance free.

The advanced range includes a list of shampoos and conditioners individually dedicated to daily defense, hydration, volume, frizz, thermal protection, anti-ageing and colour prescriptive needs, with hero natural ingredients including Soya Bean, Quinoa, Rice, Wheat Protein, Organic Aloe, Coconut Oil, Quandong & Ylang Ylang. For intense haircare needs, the treatment line specifically caters to detangling, frizz control, thermal recovery and hydro repair, with proteins, vitamin C and vital antioxidants leading the formulations.

NVEY ECO’s pure styling range includes a thermal and volume smoothing cream for use during blow drying, as well as a volumising spray, thermal protection spray and various styling pastes, with light, medium and firm holds. Beeswax, coconut oil, hydrolysed barley protein and key anti-oxidants are vital components in these diverse styling tools.

In the day and age of social media, YouTube tutorials and e-commerce, clients still look to hair professionals for their advanced knowledge, superior professional products, tailored approached to haircare and environmental consciousness. Our adaptive professional haircare market is always a step ahead, proving the necessity of salons, exclusively professional products and educated hairdressers and catering to rapidly advancing consumer needs. NVEY ECO is a shining example of how we stay ahead of the curve.


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