Silly George Lash Serum- A Guide

Some people have thicker, longer, and fuller lashes than others.  Long and beautiful lashes are every girl’s fantasy. Lash lovers are going to greater extents to get naturally beautiful fuller lashes as falls lashes and lash extension could be unmanageable for some people. 

Several new lash brands have developed various formulas for lash development serums. Silly George Lash Serum is one among the many competitors of lash serum brands. Therefore, in this article, we’ll look into Silly George Lash Serum Review in detail.

Overview Of The Silly George Lash Serum

Silly George Lash serum aims to provide clients with naturally longer, thicker, and stronger lashes while preventing lash fallout. This lash serum comes in a one-of-a-kind Eco-friendly box, making it more enticing to customers than others. The funny George lashes serum is created with cutting-edge technology that is also cruelty-free.

The active ingredients present in this serum claim to boost the growth of natural fuller-looking lashes by working deep within the hair follicle. Silly George lashes serum could also be used on eyebrows to stimulate brow hair growth.  How convenient, isn’t it?. 

Unlike other gimmicky lash serums requiring a complete serum bottle to get the smallest quantity of hair growth, the Silly George lash serum produces noticeable results after only seven days of use.

Silly George As a Brand 

Silly George lashes serum by Silly George is a cosmetic brand that focuses primarily on lashes. For most people new to using lash serums, applying them might be frightening at first. However, most lash serums are designed to make it simple to achieve the fullest-looking lashes possible.

Choosing which lash serum to purchase from the many available options might be difficult and perplexing, as all lash serums promise to provide the same outcomes of longer, stronger lashes. All these options offered by different brand often makes your purchase decision hard. Silly George lash serum provides a stress-free, glue-free eyelash solution making it easier for the customer to purchase it.

What is The Claim of Silly George Lash Serums?

The Silly George lash serum works and claims to give the same results that different brands that market lash serum. The main goal and purpose of any lash serum are to give you healthy long, and natural-looking lashes. However, one distinguishing feature of this lash serum is that it provides obvious effects after a few days of treatment if the solution is applied twice daily. 

However, unlike other treatments that merely promote lash development, Silly George lashes serum also inhibits lash fall out. Its chemicals often gradually influence how frequently lashes fall out while speeding up the development process, which explains why customers like the product’s lash serum.

This serum comes in a long, elegant silver tube with a lash applicator to effectively distribute the product. It has a thin and light viscosity similar to oil, making it simple to apply on your lashes. However, the composition of this serum does not include any oil ingredients.

Silly George Lash Serum Formulation

We’ve finally arrived at the meat of the piece. Let us examine the ingredients that go into the formulation of Silly George lash serum. Because lash serums are intended to be administered close to the eyes, it is critical that the components be all-natural and not irritate the eyes.

All Silly George lash serum components have been dermatologically tested and are 100% natural, cruelty-free, and vegan. Even though this might seem pretty good for what it claims, it is the type of ingredient that matters. 

The EPMBiological Enzyme is the crucial element in Silly George Lash Serum responsible for lash development. This cosmetic component is a biological enzyme with little research behind it. However, the components should include a sophisticated blend of growth-promoting amino acids.

Though the brand’s contents aren’t as thoroughly stated, they say that their serum is produced using cutting-edge technology. It’s still a mystery why such a well-known product doesn’t include all of its ingredients.

The Application Procedure

However, as insignificant as it may appear, this is not the case. However, it is always preferable to carry out tasks properly. Silly George lashes serum application is straightforward. For this lash serum, you should always and only use the applicator provided in the package. 

The lash applicator is meant to provide an equal serum application to your lashes. Be gentle will applying the serum to your lashes. Don’t worry if the product gets into your eye; it’s entirely harmless. The lash serum should be used three times daily for the best effects.

Following such a pause, coat your lashes with the same quantity of serum or less to get healthier-looking lashes.

Does Silly Lash Serum Work?

To address the issue of whether Silly George lashes serum works, the brand claims to deliver a noticeable change in lash development and general health in less than a week. However, it might all go wrong if you took more serum than recommended and jeopardized your vision.

Many consumers of this serum appear to agree with the claim of seeing good effects in 7 days and demonstrate why they are beneficial. However, this claim may alter for various people, but the key thing to remember is that Silly George Lash Serum works. After taking this serum, they provide a 60-day money-back guarantee if you don’t see results. Doesn’t it sound intriguing?

Is It Long-Lasting?

As previously said, the action of lash serum lasts around 10-15 days, and you can observe results within a week. If you reapply at weekly or monthly intervals, the impact will decrease when you depart for a break. Apply the serum 1-2 times each week to obtain an excellent outcome, making your lashes seem bigger and thicker.  It sustains the benefits of the lash serum going for a longer period.

In circumstances when you’ve stopped using the lash serum entirely, the brand claims that the lashes may revert to their natural condition, including the same length and thickness as before you used the serum. According to the company, the Silly George Lash Serum has a shelf life of roughly three months before it expires. After three months, the product’s expired odor indicates that it has gone rotten.

Are There any Negative Side Effects?

Though this product has received a huge amount of support and recognition from many users, it still seems to have minor side effects. A few of the numerous persons who took this serum had negative effects. As a result, according to their reviews, the adverse effects they experienced were as follows:

  1. Dry Eyes

Some users have reported dry skin around the application site of the lash serum. Even if it isn’t significant, it is worth mentioning.

  1. Darkening Skin

Certain users have complained of redness around the eyes in difficult situations, particularly under the lashes where this lash formula is applied.

The above side effects occur only on individuals with sensitive skin that react to products. However, the remaining few had no problems with the lash serum.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Safe To Use If I Have Lash Extensions?

Although lash extensions provide a more dramatic lash impression, they may be rather costly to obtain. However, if you’ve already had your lashes done, it’s perfectly OK to apply lash serum to your natural lashes after your lash extension appointment.

Thereby you needn’t have to wait to see the visible differences as the lash extensions are pretty much highlighted here, and the serum just adds on to its effect. 

How Long Will Lash Growth Serum Keep Working?

Unlike other lash lengthening and growth serums, this one lasts longer. The more product you use regularly, the more likely your product will run out. Because it is gentle on the skin, many individuals use it on their brows. If this is the case, you will most likely run out of the product and will need to repurchase it.

However, if you simply use it on your lashes and coat them 1-2 times each day, the lash serum will endure throughout the entire development phase. This lash serum has a three-month shelf life, which is not as long as it appears. However, you are not advised to take it regularly compensates for the three-month time frame. 

Can You Use It With Contact Lenses?

Silly George lash serum can for sure be used with contact lenses. However, be sure to apply the serum first, followed by the contact lens. Similarly, because contact lenses retain moisture, remove them first before reapplying the serum. It would most likely absorb your lash serum in this instance. However, you should avoid taking them if you have any eye issues.

Final Thoughts

Silly Geroge lashes serum has undoubtedly established its prominent place and many clients in the expanding competitive industry for lash serum. Silly George Lash serum is popular because it is vegan, cruelty-free, and formulated with natural ingredients to cater to your lash growth needs. 

Thereby, it makes your lashes more substantial, thicker, longer with little to no fallout. It is now the time to end the article on Silly George Lash Serum Review.

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